ACCESS Orange County’s Director of Operations, Robert Glowczwski, CTA, DMCP was a panelist for a recent MPI event; “Event Design: A Must Have, Not an Add On.” Here are some of the highlights from the Q & A, featuring Robbie’s input on the direction our industry is taking and the value a DMC brings to planners:

How have you seen event design and events in general evolve over the past 10-15 years?

Although a good theme is hard to overlook, our creative shift has moved to focus on the guest experience; incorporating surprise elements, interactive entertainment and creating an atmosphere to support the meeting objective.

What are some of the factors that you feel have had the largest impact on event design?

Time!  The biggest challenge we’re now facing is having enough time not only to properly plan, but also to collaborate with our clients.  “Engagement” has become an industry focus, but to maximize a company’s ROI, the planners and decision makers need to allow more time to collaborate and “engage” their event producer.

Do you find that clients are still looking to cut event design from their budgets and if so, how do you counter that and convince them?

Not necessarily.  We find clients are now relying on our team to advise them on how best to allocate their budget amongst production, food & beverage, entertainment and event design.  We help connect the dots, if you will, and in the end that is how we’re able to amplify the guest experience and really maximize the ROI.

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